Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation

Domestic Violence Program: 2009, 2010, 2011 – New York, NY.
NMIC’s Domestic Violence Project (DVP) is dedicated to empowering survivors of intimate partner violence by promoting safety, self sufficiency and healing. We accomplish this by providing community based services that are holistic, long term, and client driven. DVP addresses clients’ legal, emotional and concrete needs safely, confidentially, and in a secure environment. We work to ensure that clients can live independently and safely in a manner that preserves each family’s dignity.

Latina clients / women entrepreneurs of NMIC domestic violence program working together to create aprons to raise money for summer trips with their children.

Vive Tu Vida/Live your Life “A giraffe making” workshop Spring 2011 – Removing borders to creative expression through the work of collaborative Art.

The “Vive tu Vida/Live your Life” campaign is sponsored by CHALK (Choosing Healthy & Active Lifestyles for Kids), a NYS Department of Health funded program at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Ambulatory Care Network/Columbia University Medical Center Community Pediatrics.

The goals of CHALK are to reduce over time the prevalence of childhood obesity and its related morbidity in Northern Manhattan (with a focus on school-aged children), and to promote a culture and create an environment in which healthy lifestyles are integral to the lives of all children.

Celebrando el mes de Mayo, siendo el mes de la Salud Mental, donde promovemos el hábito #10 “ Haz algo saludable todo los días que te haga sentir bien”, hagamos Jirafas de materiales reciclados con Vive tu Vida/Live your Life y CHALK para decorar los las rutas de Caminando Los Altos 6 de CLIMB (5 de Junio).

Eating healthy is not just about what you eat and drink—it’s also about how much we eat and drink.

Arts In Reach

Portsmouth, NH Arts program
Arts In Reach provides enriching after school and vacation programs in performance and visual arts. Since 1997 we have been helping teen girls in Rockingham and Strafford Counties of New Hampshire develop confidence and gain key life skills such as collaboration, goal-setting, leadership, and communication while discovering new and creative means of self-expression.

This workshop was specially designed for AIR teens as they created individual work focusing on “Self.” Using collage technique, work was created expressing empowering words. A series of self-portraits was also created in black and white using collage. And then in collaboration teens worked together to create a large mural titled The Mosaic Woman. The objective of the program was to explore self and the importance each of us plays in a community. Unity in diversity and support in sisterhood were additional messages for discussion.

Thank you for everything. You are amazing! Melody

Thank you! You are super phenomenal woman. Segan

Thank you for teaching me to brush swing and loosen up and have fun, and make pretty things. You are amazing. Much Love, Kesey B.

Thank you so much. You’ll have an impression that’ll never be forgotten! Gina

Thank you so much. You play a huge role! Hannah

Thank you for coming to AIR and contributing everything that you did! Bea

April, 2012 DV program – painting on recycled bottle. This workshop empowered mothers and children to connect with “self” in relation to nature, creating an image and transferring it to a recycled bottle. Ms. Carvalho also guided students individually in the use of many different materials for texture using collage technique to harmonize the art composition and design. Workshop was given in spanish.

“I felt relaxed creating this piece, and I am very happy I created and expressed the things that are important to me in the world; in nature, like the water which brings peace to my life, a house in the countryside with trees which I aspire. I love the elements like earth, fresh air, the ocean, sky and clouds.”

– Maria R.

“I’m very happy to be here and do what I always wanted to do which is painting. Thanks to the program of DV I am having the opportunity to learn with Marcela. I painted on this bottle flowers representing the women in different sizes, colors, forms and shapes; the yellow for the sun that brings warmth to our lives and for the green on the bottom representing the trees, the forests around us helping us to move ahead.”

– Maria F.

LaGuardia High School New York, NY - Ceramics program

Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts is a high school specializing in teaching visual arts and performing arts, located near Lincoln Center and the Juilliard School in the Lincoln Center district of Manhattan.

This workshop empowered teens to create from traditional pot throwing on the potter’s wheel to transforming a piece by altering it using free forms to change it’s effect. Free-flowing forms, having a connection to nature. Ms. Carvalho also talked about the relation of ceramics and architecture.

.“Watching the pottery demonstration today I did not just learn technique to center quickly, to slow down when measuring and pulling my walls, but most importantly at the end, when the bowl seemed done, Marcela pulled at the lip saying .“This way it is not boring.”. I saw the value in making a piece that is not pristine and perfect because that imperfection makes room for a unique, living even breathing creation..”

– Carolina W.

“I really respond to the visual impact of your pieces such as the Brown Ear Bowl, Carvalha Autumn and Sky pieces. The surfaces are beautiful and complement the free-flowing forms. Thanks again for visiting our studio and for the lecture and demo. The students did seem to like it, as did I. They particularly liked the review of the wheel, and appreciated your careful technique for centering, pulling, etc. A couple students even said that seeing you throw clarified some things for them, and improved their technique.”

– Stehle A., LaGuardia Ceramics Studio Teacher

VIP at chashama Jamaica studios, NY August 2012, painting on recycled bottle

The Violence Intervention Program (VIP) is a nationally recognized Latina organization. Our mission is to promote nonviolent partner relationships, familias, and communities through raising awareness, activism, and culturally competent services that are respectful of each survivor’s right to self-determination.

This workshop connected the group to experience art with self. To reconnect, to mirror, to empower the self visually. They experienced through visual art, planing, organizing, harmonizing design and language to express their creation and desires.

“Today in art: if you are in this class you will to be you.”

– Jocelyn A. 8.

“Muchas gracias por hacer un dia tan relajado pare nosotras. Fue una experiencia unica, y el tiempo paso muy de prisa. Que lindo es conocer artistas como usted. Me voy encantada … y de nuevo Muchas Gracias.”

– Sandra M.

“This was a phenomenal experience for me. Especially to see VIP’s ladies desire to participate in this therapeutic process with their art. They express their goals, desires and dreams. This workshop was a true gift to themselves, and me.”

– Jessica B. VIP’ SW