About Us

About The Work

I started this project in December 2008. It portrays 17 women that have been suffering domestic abuse from their partners. These victims typically start from a feeling of love and commitment to a partner that wins their heart and then begins manipulation and control.

These victims become so confused by this love, they lose their voice, their creativity, and often their passion for life. The Sewing the Roses Series is an homage to these women that chose the healing power of art to help them exorcize their demons.

About Marcela Carvalho

I too suffered from Domestic Violence. I considered myself a bold and independent woman, a leader in my profession and in my social circles. But I fell victim to the same kind of violence that so many of my subjects did. I felt helpless, depressed and usually scared.

I turned to my art for self healing, and began the Sewing the Roses Series. I have thankfully put this issue behind me, and have chosen to dedicate myself to this very important cause for so many woman.

Mediums: For this body of work the mediums I used are oil paint, acrylic, oil pastel. I use body movement and music when starting
a painting. I do not plan what to paint, all my inspiration comes from channeling feelings and emotions related to the subject.